How To Make Your Marketing EASY

If you are new to the entrepreneurship game or looking to revamp (or implement) a marketing strategy, there is a quick and EASY way to hit all of the most important aspects.


One of the easiest ways to optimize your marketing dollars is through targeted marketing. Reaching out to specific Psychographics and demographic within your niche allows you to create a cultivated message with a strong call-to-action. This is much more effective than a blanket message to “everybody” that connects with nobody.


Without a “good” tracking system in place, it is impossible to measure which of your efforts are the most effective. For online marketing promotions, use tracking links and Google Analytics to measure your efforts. (tracking links can easily be set up using Google’s URL Builder. 

Promo codes work both online and offline by specifically linking your customer to a promotional effort. Remember to use different codes for each platform – even if you are offering the same deal. For example, you may run the same promotion in major newspapers, local newspapers and on social media; assigning a unique promo code to each of these platforms allows you to attribute sales to specific platforms and use the information to craft new campaigns.

The same approach can be used to track phone call drivers – use a unique phone number for each platform and you will have the information you need to quickly attribute traffic to the promotion. Some businesses are resistant to trade a branded phone number for marketing data; however, sacrificing measurement is never a good trade.



The goal of your efforts is see new growth – so it is crucial that your campaigns easily transfer from smaller platforms to larger platforms. You may initially run a promotion in a small local paper and later move to a larger metro paper.

Developing campaigns that are too narrow or that are only effective on a specific platform is a common pitfall that leads businesses to quickly run out of target audiences and effective platforms. It is also important to remember that small-scale campaigns often lose effectivity when scaled up; the message becomes diluted and the audience is less targeted.



Creating a year-round marketing strategy allows you capitalize on holidays and trends throughout the year and to maintain steady growth during slow-season. Many businesses take their foot off the gas during busy-season; however, if you can afford to keep your efforts going without sacrificing service, it is well worth effort.

Take a strategic approach to your efforts as opposed to tactical – build an arsenal of effective campaigns to be sure that you always have the right one available. Don’t wait to kick-off your marketing efforts – waiting for perfection means that you are sacrificing exposure for an unknown benefit. The only way to truly improve your campaigns is to implement real feedback. Use this quick and EASY approach to evaluate your strategy and then implement as quickly as possible.


Graves Burke has worked with businesses in 43 different industries located in 6 different countries across 4 different continents to generate more leads, boost conversions, massively improve sales, and radically increase revenue.