4 Promotions For Better Business Luck

Effective promotions hit the right audience at the right time with an unbelievable deal. In this post, we will take a look at the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of four easy to implement promotions.

The Holiday Campaign

Who: Use this campaign to show appreciation for your existing customers and to help your customers show appreciation for their loved ones.

What: This one works because the relevancy factor is inherent. The entire promotion is built around an upcoming holiday.

When: Both National holidays, like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day, as well as fun/silly holidays, such as National Cupcake Day, work for this promotion.

Where: Reach potential customers via direct mail, social media, AdWords and Facebook. Since this promotion is tied to something that applies to everyone, you can reach a large audience.

Why: Holiday campaigns are timely and relevant.

How: To make this one work for you, craft a story around the message and of course, provide an amazing deal.

The Birthday Campaign

Who: Use this campaign to target potential and existing customers with upcoming birthdays.

What: Send awesome deals to help them celebrate their special day. The goal here is to get them interested and in the door.

When: If using direct mail, send promotions twice a month if possible – once in the beginning and again in the middle.

Where: Reach out to your birthday boys and girls via direct mail and Facebook.

Why: There a lot of great reasons that birthday campaigns work. First, everyone likes to get something on their birthday. Second, giving a birthday gift is a great way to start building a relationship. Third, your celebrator is likely to bring at least a few, full-price paying friends.

How: To reach out using direct mail, obtain a list of people in the local area with upcoming birthdays. Facebook also has a great tool for targeting users with birthdays that fall within the upcoming week, click here for the video on how to access this tool.

The New Mover Campaign

Who: This campaign targets individuals and families that have recently moved into the area.

What: It works great for restaurants, grocery stores, doctors, dentists, mechanics, dry cleaners, gyms, flower shops, dog walkers and housekeepers; basically anyone that provides local goods and services.

When: If possible, send this promotion out every 3 to 4 weeks; the goal is to hit those that have recently arrived in the area before their new routines are established – you want your business to be a part of their new routines.

Where: Direct mail is a great option for the mover campaign; it is relatively easy to get a list of newly registered addresses. Facebook also has an awesome feature that allows you to take this campaign digital; click here for the video.

Why: On average, people move every seven years and every time they do they need to create a new routine and find new service providers. All of their habitual places- their favorite coffee shop, their go-to mechanic – must be replaced.

How: Craft the deal around the move and be explicit about your location. Click here for a video that will walk you through setting this up.
The Visitor Campaign

Who: Hit those that are on vacation, passing through or in-town on business.

What: The trick is to get them in the door while they are in the area by offering amazing deals targeted at immediate use.

When: The best time to offer the deal is largely dependent on the type of business. Restaurants could send deals for business lunches during the week while hotels could send out promotions on Friday nights.

Where: Reach out to potential customers within a 3 to 5 mile radius. In some cities, the target can be widened but be sure to consider potential commute times – most people will be unlikely to travel more than 30 minutes.

Why: Visitor campaigns work because the recipients are open to suggestions – they do not know the area or what is available.

How: Facebook allows you to target visitors to your area.

Wrap Up

The trick is to remember that with all four of these promotions the deal must provide amazing value. Do not cheap out on the offer or turn away expired coupons. The goal is to get the customer to use your service, or buy your product, one time and to be so blown away by the experience that they keep coming back. You want to build that relationship with them.

Setting up an epic campaign that yields great returns is easier than you think. So before you get your Uncle Al to dress up in a chicken suit and hand out coupons, give these four campaigns a test run.


Graves Burke has worked with businesses in 43 different industries located in 6 different countries across 4 different continents to generate more leads, boost conversions, massively improve sales, and radically increase revenue.